Reconfigurable Application-Specific Computing User's Guide

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Major Technical Changes in the RASC 2.20 Release
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1. RASC Introduction
An Overview of Reconfigurable Computing
Silicon Graphics ccNUMA Systems
Silicon Graphics Reconfigurable Application-Specific Computing (RASC)
Getting Started with RASC Programming
RASC Hardware Overview
RASC Software Overview

2. Altix System Overview
SGI Altix 350 System Overview
SGI Altix 450 and Altix 4700 System Overview

3. RASC Algorithm FPGA Hardware Design Guide
RASC Core Services Overview
Algorithm Run Modes
Algorithm Interfaces
SRAM Interface
Algorithm Design Details
RASC FPGA Design Integration
Simulating the Design

4. RASC Abstraction Layer
RASC Abstraction Layer Overview
RASC Abstraction Layer Calls
How the RASC Abstraction Layer Works

5. Direct I/O
Direct I/O Overview
Direct I/O Driver Requirements
Using Hugepages with rasclib Functions

6. Scaling Applications with RASC
Data Buffer Size
Achieving Maximal Bandwidth

7. RASC Algorithm FPGA Implementation Guide
Implementation Overview
Installation and Setup
Adding Extractor Directives to the Source Code
Implementation with Pre-synthesized Core
Full-chip Implementation
Implementation File Descriptions

8. SGI RASC Algorithm Configuration Tool
Running the RASC Algorithm Configuration Tool
Algorithm Name
Algorithm Clock Rate
Streaming DMA Configuration
Memory Configuration
Memory Port Specification
Algorithm Defined Registers
Algorithm Defined Register Configuration
Debug Registers
Synthesis Tool Specification
Supplemental Algorithm Clock
Output File Locations

9. Running and Debugging Your Application
Loading the Bitstream
RASC Device Manager
Using the GNU Project Debugger (GDB)

10. RASC Examples and Tutorials
System Requirements
Tutorial Overview
Simple Algorithm Tutorial
Data Flow Algorithm Tutorial
Streaming DMA Algorithm Tutorial

A. Device Driver
FPGA Core Services
Driver Application Programming Interface (API)
Example Use of Device Driver

B. SSP Stub User's Guide
Introduction to SSP Stub
Recommended Reading
Verification Environment and Testbench
SSP Stub Commands
Sample Diagnostic
Using the Stub

C. How Extractor Works
Extractor Script
Core Services Configuration File
Algorithm Configuration File