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Silicon Graphics TechPubs was the library of hardware and software documentation for Silicon Graphics' range of MIPS/IRIX systems. It was freely available on the web without need for an account or a service contract.

The end of general availability for MIPS/IRIX products was December 29th, 2006, and IRIX has been unsupported since the end of December 2013. Finally, in February 2016, Silicon Graphics International Corp. outsourced its support site to a third party and discontinued the TechPubs site.

The aim of this site is to keep the wealth of TechPubs information available to hobbyists who like to play with MIPS/IRIX systems. This site does not publish documentation for current products of Silicon Graphics International Corp. but is restricted to documentation of hardware and software from before December 29th, 2006.

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Revision History:
- Mar 6th 2017: Add manuals available only in PDF format.
- May 23rd 2016: Initial version.

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