SGI® OpenGL Vizserver
Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-4481-011

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1. Installation
Installing an IRIX Server
Installing a Silicon Graphics Prism Server and Client
Installing Other Clients

2. Configuration
Configuring the Server
Configuring the Reservation Web Interface
Configuration Files
User Authentication
Graphics Pipe Allocation Guidelines

3. Tuning
Understanding the OpenGL Vizserver Pipeline
Tuning Objectives
Understanding the Environment
Monitoring OpenGL Vizserver Performance
Optimizing Compression
Estimating the Network Bandwidth Required by OpenGL Vizserver
Optimizing for High-Latency Networks

4. Troubleshooting and Known Problems
Looking at Log Files
Shared Memory Input Queue (SHMIQ) Problem
No OpenGL Vizserver Console Window in Windows 2000
Cleaning Up Shared Memory
Using Window Managers Other Than 4Dwm
Application Not Updated
Applications Masked as a Cross-Hatch Pattern Image
Back-to-Front Rendering
Using Customized XDM in Dynamic Pipe Allocation