SGIconsole™ Hardware Connectivity Guide

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Written by Eric Zamost and Francisco Razo

Updated by Mark Schwenden

Illustrated by Dan Young and Chrystie Danzer

Production by Karen Jacobson

Additional contributions by Jagdish Bhavsar, Michael T. Brown, Dick Brownell, Jason Chang, Steven Dean, Jim Friedl, Jim Grisham, Karen Johnson, Tony Kavadias, Paul Kinyon, Jenny Leung, Laraine MacKenzie, Sonny Oh, Keith Rich, Laura Shepard, David Smith, Paddy Sreenivasan, and Rebecca Underwood.


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Record of Revision

Revision 001November, 2001 
Initial Revision

Revision 002July, 2003 

Reorganized flow of document.

Added instructions for using additional host systems to run SGIconsole.

Added information about using remote workstations with SGIconsole.

Added Origin 350 and Onyx 350 products.

Added Altix 3300 and Altix 3700 products.

Added instructions for connecting unlisted systems.

Added Appendix detailing tested host systems.

Revision 003July, 2004 
Updates for SGIconsole 2.1 including new software references, and inclusion of Altix 350 information.