SGI SystemImager™ Software Installation and Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-4312-001

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1. Introduction

2. Preinstallation Requirements
Installation Prerequisites
Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements

3. Installing SGI SystemImager
Installing on the Server
Installing on the Console
Installing on the Golden Master
Completing Installation

4. Running SGI SystemImager
Before You Begin
Starting SystemImager
Logging in to SystemImager
Main Window
Replicating a Client for the First Time
Using the Tasks

5. Frequently Asked Questions
How Does SGI SystemImager Compare to the Red Hat KickStart Script?
Can SGI SystemImager install and update data in an automated manner while the cluster is running?
Can updates of an entire disk, a filesystem, selected directories, or files be propagated while the system is up?
Can SGI SystemImager scan and compare files on the nodes against a reference and then perform any necessary updates?
What is the price and distribution mechanism for SGI SystemImager?
Why not distribute directly from master to clients?
How identical do the client disks need to be to the master disks?
What if the machine designated as the master crashes?
What if the machine designated as the server crashes?
Why is DHCP required?
Can SystemImager show the differences between an image and the client?
Is there a way to track changes in the master image?
Can I specify several multiple master image types?
How do I view log messages?