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1. Release Features
Software Introduction
CD Contents
System Controller Software 1.12 CD
Getting Updates
SGI Open Source Information
Installation Overview
Documentation Updated for This Release

2. Software Planning and Installation
Software Planning
License Manager Updates
Read Me First - Installing SLES9 with Service Pack 3 on Your SGI System
Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP3
How To Install SGI ProPack 4 for Linux SP3 For the First Time
SLES and SGI ProPack Network Installation for Experts
Upgrading From an Earlier SGI ProPack 4 Release to SGI ProPack 4 SP3
Upgrading SGI ProPack 4 for Linux and SLES9 SP3 with YaST
Installing the SN2 Kernel
Installing the System Controller Software 1.12 CD
Obtaining and Installing the Latest SGI Altix or Prism System Firmware
Reinstalling Your Software

3. Product Support
SGI ProPack for Linux Products
Operating System Enhancements
I /O Subsystems
HPC Application Tools and Support
System Management
Reconfigurable Application-Specific Computing
NUMA Data Placement Tools
Graphics APIs and Software
Digital Media
QuickTransit for Silicon Graphics