SGI Linux™ Advanced Cluster Environment Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-4228-004

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1. Introduction
Contents of the Linux ACE Release

2. Topology

3. Preinstallation Requirements
TCP/IP Connectivity
Remote Execution for root
Installation of Additional Base OS Packages
Verification of Connectivity and Remote Access

4. Installing ACE Software
Install ACE using Interactive Mode
Install ACE using Batch Mode

5. Rebuilding the Kernel when using Myrinet without SGI ProPack
Standard Rebuild Procedure
Shortcut when the Source Matches the Running Kernel

6. Installing the Myrinet Driver (gm)
Steps on All Nodes
Steps on the Head Node Only
Monitoring Myrinet Packet Traffic

7. Configure gm-mpich

8. Verify the Installation
What confidence Verifies
Using confidence
Remove the CD-ROM

9. Upgrading an Existing Cluster

10. Using and Enhancing Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
Configuring PCP for Remote Display
Configuring your X Server for 16-Bit Display
Using PCP Visualization Tools
Using PCP to Visualize MPI Jobs
Using PCP to Visualize Myrinet Switch Traffic
Using PCP to Visualize Cisco Switch Traffic
Monitoring Specific Applications and Processes
Customizing PCP Visualization Tools
Further Information About PCP

11. Lconsole Utility
Configure the Serial Console
Connect to Lconsole
Use Lconsole Features
Add Lconsole Users and Change Passwords
Delete Lconsole Users

12. Building Products from Source RPMs

13. Adding an Execution Node to the Cluster
Configuration Tasks
Interactive Mode Example
Batch Mode Example

14. Remove an Execution Node

15. Syncronizing Clocks in the Cluster

16. Troubleshooting
No rsh Access
.rhosts Errors in /var/log/messages
Problems with PAM
MPICH Problems
PBS Problems
PCP Errors
NFS Version Defaults to 2

A. Connecting the Digi EtherLite Serial Multiplexer
Hardware and Software Requirements
DHCP Configuration
EtherLite 16 Driver Installation