Chapter 1. Introduction

The SGI Internet Server is a completely integrated solution based on the SGI thin server platform and the Internet Server Environment (ISE) software. The ISE collection of applications and documentation is designed to make your SGI Internet Server easier to deploy and operate in demanding and generally insecure Internet environments.

The SGI Internet Server offers the following:

All of the software you will need is already preinstalled on your system hard drive. However, if you should need to reinstall from CD later on, see the instructions in the SGI Internet Server Start Here. (If you did not receive the ISE CD-ROM set, please contact your sales representative.)

How to Use this Guide

This document is a guide for bringing your SGI Internet Server into production as a web-hosting platform. If you intend to use the system for another service, you may want to skip parts of Chapter 3, “Web Hosting Service Setup”, and Chapter 4, “Performance Management with Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)”. If you intend to deploy the system on a network you consider already sufficiently secure, you may want to skip Chapter 5, “Intrusion Detection Using Tripwire”, and Chapter 6, “Suggestions for Secure Server Operations”.

The target audience for this document is production system administrators with at least some familiarity with UNIX or Linux. However, a moderately experienced system administrator more familiar with other operating systems (such as Windows NT) should have little difficulty in mastering the information in this guide.


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General Product Feedback

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