SGI™ Internet Server for Messaging Installation and Quick Start

Document Number: 007-4294-003

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1. Configuring the SGI Internet Server for Messaging
What Do I Need to Do?
Vendor Recommendations
General Product Feedback

2. Setting Up Console Access
Serial Console Access
Local Console Access

3. Configuring the Network

4. Server Lockdown Using Bastille Linux
What is Bastille Linux?
Products Secured by Bastille Linux
Bastille Linux Log Files
Bastille Linux Recommendations

5. Enabling HTTP Access for Linuxconf Administration
Managing Linuxconf HTTP Access Control
Configuring Linuxconf for HTTP Access
Activating Linuxconf HTTP Invocation Privileges
Managing Linuxconf User Privileges
Delegating Selected Linuxconf Privileges to Hosted Customers

6. SGI Internet Server for Messaging Web Administration GUI
Accessing the Web Administration GUI
Accessing the Messaging Administration GUI
Changing the GUI Password

A. Password Worksheet

B. Network Connectivity Worksheet

C. Reinstalling from CD-ROM
When to Reinstall from CD-ROM
Required CD-ROMs
Preparing the Hardware
Installing the Linux Operating System
Installing the SGI ProPack Overlay
Installing SGI ISM
Activate Configuration and Bastille Linux Questions
Rebooting the Server
Completing the Configuration