Console Manager for SGIconsole™ Administrator's Guide

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1. Console Manager Features and Capabilities
SGIconsole Overview
Getting Started with Console Manager
Starting the Console Manager
SGIconsole and Security Under OpenSSH
Console Manager Graphical User Interface
SGIconsole Hardware Configuration
Command Line Interface to Console Manager

2. Configuring Console Manager
Installing Console Manager
Starting the Console Manager GUI on the SGIconsole Server
Quitting the Console Manager Graphical User Interface
Installing and Configuring a Console Manager Client
Access Controls in Console Manager
Adding a Console User
Adding Multiple Users
Modifying a Console User
Deleting a Console User
Changing a Console User Password

3. Configuring Sites
Guided Configuration for Setting up Console Nodes, Groups, and Users
Adding a Node
Deleting Nodes
Modifying a Node Configuration
Adding a Management Group
Modifying A Management Group
Deleting a Management Group

4. Administering Your Site
Getting, Stealing, or Spying a System Console
Powering Down, Powering Up, Resetting, or Interrupting a Node
Connecting to the System Controller for a Node
Restarting the Console Manager Daemon
Viewing System Logs
Viewing and Deleting Console Logs

5. Troubleshooting SGIconsole
Typical Node Failure Messages
L2 System Controller Rebooting and Lost Network Connections

A. SGIconsole Log Files and Console Manager Execution Flow
SGIconsole Log Files
Restarting Console Logging After a System Reboot
Console Manager Execution Flow