SGI 1400 Server Family User's Guide

Document Number: 007-3978-001

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

About This Guide

1. Chassis Description
Chassis Feature Summary
Server Peripherals Overview
Power Supplies
System Cooling
Chassis Security

2. System Processor Board Description
Processor Board Features
Peripheral Controllers
Add-in Board Slots
SCSI Controller
IDE Controller
Keyboard and Mouse
Server Management
System Security

3. Configuration Software and Utilities
Hot Keys
Power-on Self Test (POST)
Using BIOS Setup
Setup Menus
Using the System Setup Utility (SSU)
Emergency Management Port (EMP) Console
Changing the BIOS Settings
Using the Firmware Update Utility
Installing Video Drivers
Using the Symbios SCSI Utility for NT

4. Solving Problems
Resetting the System
Initial System Startup
Running New Application Software
After the System Has Been Running Correctly
More Problem-solving Procedures
Specific Problems and Corrective Actions
Problems with Application Software
Bootable CD-ROM Is Not Detected
Error and Informational Messages
POST Error Codes and Messages

5. Installing or Replacing Drives and Power Supplies
SCSI Hard Disk Drives
Removing or Installing a Power Supply

A. Environmental and Regulatory Specifications
Environmental and Regulatory Specifications

B. SGI 1400 Server Rackmount Installation
Safety Guidelines
Server Precautions
Equipment Rack Precautions
Tools You Need
Prepare the Slide Assemblies