SGI 1400 Server Family Maintenance and Upgrades Guide

Document Number: 007-3948-001

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Table of Contents

About This Guide

1. Working Inside the System
Tools and Supplies Needed
Safety: Before You Remove the Access Cover
Warnings and Cautions
Removing the System Access Cover
Installing the Access Cover
Working in the Subchassis and Electronics Bay
Installing PCI Boards
Removing a PCI option Board
Removing the Front Panel Board
Installing the Front Panel Board
Removing the Diskette Drive
Installing the Diskette Drive
Peripheral Drives
System Fans
The Power Share Board

2. Upgrading Baseboard Components
Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs)
Replacing the Backup Battery

3. SGI 1400 Server SCSI Backplane Installation
SCSI Backplane Warnings and Cautions
Safety: Before You Remove the Access Cover
General Procedure to Open the Chassis
Replacing an Existing Backplane
General Procedure to Close the Chassis

4. Technical Reference
Baseboard Connectors
Baseboard Jumpers
System I/O Addresses
Memory Map Address Range
Video Modes

A. Equipment Log and Configuration Worksheets
Equipment Log
Configuration Worksheets
Current Usage
System Setup Utility (SSU) Worksheets

B. Environmental Specifications
Environmental Specifications

C. Chassis Warnings and Safety
Power Warnings
Cautions When Removing the Chassis Covers