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Origin TM Systems : Preparing for an Installation
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Preparing for an Installation of a 33 to 256 Processor System


Record of Revision
System Components and Configurations
Equipment Separation Limits
Site Requirements
Planning Your Access Route
Environmental Requirements
Facility Power Requirements
Remote Support
Network Connections
Raised-floor Installations
Securing the Cabinets
Physical Specifications
Origin 2000 Systems
Onyx2  InfiniteReality2 Systems
Onyx2  InfiniteReality2 Rack System
Onyx2 InfiniteReality Multirack Systems
Onyx2 InfiniteReality2 Multirack System Layout Options
Origin  Fibre  Channel Rack
O2 Workstation
Site Planning Checklist


Figure 1. Origin 2000 128- and 256-Processor Multirack Systems:
Standard and Optional Floor Layouts Placed on 24 in. x 24 in.
Floor Panels
Figure 2. Distance between Racks (Standard Layout)
Figure 3. Separation Limits
Figure 4. Origin 2000 Rack, Onyx2  InfiniteReality2 Rack, and MetaRouter
Shipping Configuration
Figure 5. SCSI  RAID Rack Shipping Configuration
Figure 6. Origin Fibre Channel Rack Shipping Configuration
Figure 7. Origin 2000 Rack and Onyx2 InfiniteReality2 Rack Floor Cutout
Figure 8. MetaRouter Floor Cutout
Figure 9. SCSI  RAID Rack Floor Cutout
Figure 10. Origin  Fibre  Channel Rack Floor Cutout
Figure 11. Securing the Origin 2000 Rack and Onyx2 Rack
Figure 12. Securing the MetaRouter
Figure 13. Securing the Origin Fibre Channel Rack
Figure 14. Origin 2000 Rack
Figure 15. MetaRouter
Figure 16. Origin 2000 Multirack System Configurations
Figure 17. Onyx2  InfiniteReality2 Rack
Figure 18. Onyx2  InfiniteReality2 System Configurations
Figure 19. Onyx2 InfiniteReality2 Multirack System Layout Option:
128-Processor Onyx2 InfiniteReality2 Multirack System with
16 Graphics Pipes
Figure 20. SCSI  RAID Rack
Figure 21. Origin  Fibre  Channel Rack
Figure 22. O2 Workstation
Figure 23. 20-in. Color O2 Workstation Monitor


Table 1. System Environmental Requirements
Table 2. System Power Requirements
Table 3. Physical Specifications
Table 4. Site Planning Checklist

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