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Figure 1-1. 133MHz FSB Block Diagram
Figure 1-2. Major Components of the System Board
Figure 2-1. Installed Processor
Figure 2-2. Processor Attachment
Figure 2-3. Processor Bus Terminator Card
Figure 2-4. Memory ModuleSockets and Banks
Figure 2-5. Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) Insertion
Figure 2-6. DIMM Terminator Module
Figure 2-7. Expansion Sockets
Figure 2-8. Power and Data Connectors
Figure 2-9. Fan4 Connector
Figure 2-10. Fan3 Connector
Figure 2-11. Fan1 and Fan Connectors
Figure 2-12. (ATAPI) Connectors
Figure 2-13. Jumper Connectors
Figure 2-14. JP3 Spread Spectrum Control
Figure 2-15. Input/Output (I/O) Port Connectors
Figure 2-16. Keyboard or Mouse Ports
Figure 2-17. Parallel Port
Figure 2-18. Serial Port
Figure 2-19. Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port
Figure 2-20. Ethenet Network Port
Figure 2-21. External Wide Ultra2 SCSI (LVDS) Port
Figure 2-22. Audio Line Out, Line In, and Microphone Ports
Figure 2-23. MIDI/Game Port
Figure 2-24. System Board Power/Status LED
Figure 2-25. CMOS/Clock Lithium Battery