Silicon Graphics Zx10 System Board Guide

Document Number: 007-4330-001

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Table of Contents

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1. Overview
Features and Components
Block Diagram

2. Components
Memory Modules
Expansion Sockets
Power and Data Connectors
Fan Connectors
ATAPI Connectors
Jumper Connectors
I/O Port Connectors
Integrated Controllers
Hardware Monitoring and Power Management
CMOS/Clock Lithium Battery

3. BIOS Setup
BIOS Overview
Using BIOS Setup
BIOS Setup Screens
Main Screen
Advanced Screen
Security Screen
Misc. Screen
Boot Screen
Exit Screen
Using CMOS Reset
Updating the System BIOS

4. Resources
ISA Interrupt Requests (IRQs)
PCI-to-ISA Interrupt Map
Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channels
Input/Output (I/O) Map
Memory Map

5. Messages
POST Tasks and Beep Codes
Error Messages