Silicon Graphics Zx10 6U Rackmount/Deskside Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-4329-002

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1. Setting Up the Hardware
Deskside and Rackmount Systems
Unpacking the System
Placing System Components
Installing Rails for Rack Mounting
Before Mounting a Rackmount System
Understanding Rackmount Vertical Units
Mounting the Base Unit in a Rack
Connecting System Components
Locating Expansion Cards
Installing Removable RAID Disk Drives
Connecting External SCSI Devices
Connecting to AC Power
Starting the System
What's Next?

2. Setting Up the Software
Preparing for Setup
Going Through Setup
Finishing Software Setup
What's Next?

3. Configuring the System
Configuring the Video Display
Configuring System Audio
Configuring Networking
Configuring Peripheral Devices
Configuring RAID Disk Drives
Changing Drive Letters
Changing Virtual Memory Settings
Configuring the SCSI Controller
Creating or Updating an Emergency Repair Disk
Configuring the BIOS
What's Next?

4. Operating the System
Controlling System Power
Reading System LEDs
Using Automatic Shutdown
Starting and Stopping the Operating System
Observing Operating Precautions
Using the Keyboard
Using the Mouse
Using the Floppy Disk Drive
Using the CD-ROM Drive
Reading Removable Disk Drive LEDs
Responding to a Power Supply Alarm
Using System Management Software
Learning About the Operating System
Using Hardware Security Features
Cleaning System Components

5. Troubleshooting Operational Problems
Getting Started
System Power
System Boot
Peripheral Drive Errors
Miscellaneous Hardware

6. Reinstalling the Operating System
Before You Begin
Finding Driver Software
Installing the Operating System
Updating the Operating System

7. Gaining Access to System Components
Before You Begin
Avoiding Electrostatic Discharge
Access Points
Removing and Replacing the Top Cover
Removing and Replacing the Front Panel
Internal System Components

8. Upgrading the System
Before You Begin
Adding Expansion Cards
Adding External SCSI Peripheral Devices
Adding Internal Peripheral Devices
Adding Memory
Upgrading Processors

9. Servicing the System
Before You Begin
Removable Disk Drive
JBOD Disk Drive Device Cage
Peripheral Device Cage
Expansion Card
Memory Module
Processor Bus Terminator
Processor Module
RAID Disk Drive Cage
Power Supply
Cooling Fans
System Board
CMOS/Clock Lithium Battery
Intrusion Alert Switch
Power Keyswitch and LEDs

10. System Hardware and Specifications
Functional Diagram
Internal Peripheral Cabling
Power Supply and Cables
Cooling Fans
Hardware Monitoring and Power Management
System Configuration Summary
System Specifications

A. Ergonomics Guide
Setting Your Work Habits
Setting Your Environment
Reducing the Risk of Injury