Silicon Graphics® Onyx4 UltimateVision
User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4634-002

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1. Silicon Graphics Onyx4 Visualization System Overview
G2-bricks and G2N-bricks
Connection Types: XIO Versus NUMAlink
Chassis Tour

2. Assembling an Onyx4 System
Safety Precautions
Selecting Rack Locations
NUMA and XIO Cabling
PCI Card Locations
Connecting an SGI ImageSync Card to G2-bricks and G2N-bricks
Providing Power to G2-bricks and G2N-bricks
Attaching a Serial Terminal to an Onyx4 System
Powering and Booting an Onyx4 System from a Serial Terminal
Verifying System Connections

3. Setting Up Your Onyx4 System
IRIX Operating System Version Requirements
Regenerating the XF86Config-4 File After Hardware Changes
Modifying Configuration Files
Attaching Monitors to an Onyx4 System
Attaching Keyboards and Mice to an Onyx4 System
Making Other External Connections

A. Troubleshooting and Replacing Parts
Troubleshooting G2-bricks and G2N-bricks
L1 Controller Error Messages
SGI Electronic Support
Installing and Removing Customer-Replaceable Units
Replacing a Graphics Card

B. Technical Information
Display Requirements
Technical Specifications for G2-bricks and G2N-bricks
Connector Pinouts

C. Installing G2-bricks and G2N-bricks in a Rack
Safety Measures
Rackmounting a G2-brick or G2N-brick
Removing a G2-brick or G2N-brick from a Rack

D. Compliance and Regulatory Statements
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
Laser Compliance Statements
Lithium Battery Statement