Silicon Graphics® Octane®/Octane2 Workstation VPro Graphics Upgrade Kit Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-4210-003

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Table of Contents

Silicon Graphics® Octane®/Octane2™ Workstation VPro™ Graphics Upgrade Kit Installation Guide
Checking Your Shipment
Checking the Frontplane Xbow (for VPro V10 and V12 Upgrades)
Checking the Power Supply and Operating System (for Octane Workstations with Quad-Modules Installed)
Upgrading the Operating System and Flashing the PROM
Preparing Your Workstation
Removing an XIO Quad-Module (For Octane Workstations without VPro Graphics)
Removing an XIO Tri-Module (For Workstations with a VPro Graphics Board Installed)
About the XIO Tri-Module and XIO Boards
Removing the XIO Tri-Module from Its Packaging
Installing the XIO Tri-Module
Verifying the VPro Graphics Installation
Installing an XIO Option Board
Verifying the Option Board Installation
Pinout Assignments for VPro Graphics Board I/O Ports