Silicon Graphics® Prism Visualization System User's Guide for Power & Team Scalable Configurations

Document Number: 007-4701-004

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Table of Contents

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1. Getting Started with the Silicon Graphics Prism
XG2N and Compute Modules
Safety Precautions
Quick Start Information

2. System Overview and Options
Physical Features
Functional Architecture
System Components
Power Components
SGI Racks for Silicon Graphics Prism
Optional Devices

3. Configurations and Cabling
System Configurations
NUMAlink Cabling in Ring Topologies
NUMAlink Cabling in Routed Systems

4. Installing and Removing Customer-Replaceable Units
Safety Instructions
Accessing the System's Internal Components
PCI and PCI–X Cards
Replacing an XG2N Graphics Card
Disk Drives
Removing and Replacing Power Supplies
Removing and Replacing Memory DIMMs
L1 Controller Display

5. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Chart
L1 Controller Error Messages
Reading Power Supply Status LEDs
SGI Electronic Support
Customizing the XF86Config File

A. Technical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
Compute Module Specifications
CMPX Module Specifications
Router Module Specifications
Rack Specifications
SGI TP900 Storage Module Specifications
Non-proprietary I/O Port Specifications

B. Installing Silicon Graphics Prism Modules Into a Rack
Choosing Locations Within a Rack
Using Silicon Graphics Prism Modules with a Rack

C. Installing Rack Systems
Pre-Installation Activities
Unloading and Moving System Equipment
Removing a Short Rack from the Shipping Crate
Removing a Tall Rack from the Shipping Crate
Positioning and Leveling a Single-Rack System
Positioning and Leveling Multiple Racks

D. Regulatory Specifications and Safety Information
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
Laser Compliance Statements
Lithium Battery Statement