SGI Total Performance 9100 (2Gb TP9100) Storage System User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4522-002

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1. Storage System Overview
Overview of Storage System Features
Storage System Enclosure
Enclosure Components
Storage System Rack
Storage System Tower

2. Connecting to a Host and Powering On and Off
Connecting to a Host
Grounding Issues
Connecting the Power Cords and Powering On the 2 Gb TP9100 Tower
Connecting the Power Cords and Powering On the 2 Gb TP9100 Rack
Powering Off

3. Features of the RAID Controller
Enclosure Services Interface (ESI) and Disk Drive Control
Configuration on Disk (COD)
Drive Roaming
Data Caching
RAID Disk Topologies

4. Using the RAID Controller
Software Tools for the Controller
RAID Levels
CAP Strategy for Selecting a RAID Level
Disk Topologies
System Drives
Drive State Reporting
Automatic Rebuild

5. Troubleshooting
RAID Guidelines
Solving Initial Startup Problems
Using Storage System LEDs for Troubleshooting
Using the Alarm for Troubleshooting
Solving Storage System Temperature Issues
Using Test Mode
Care and Cleaning of Optical Cables

6. Installing and Replacing Drive Carrier Modules
Adding a Drive Carrier Module
Replacing a Drive Carrier Module

A. Technical Specifications
Storage System Physical Specifications
Environmental Requirements
Power Requirements
LRC I/O Module Specifications
Disk Drive Module Specifications
SGI Cables for the 2 Gb TP9100 Storage System

B. Regulatory Information
FCC Warning
European Union Statement
International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR)
Canadian Department of Communications Statement
VCCI Class 1 Statement
Class A Warning for Taiwan