Silicon Graphics 750 User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4291-001

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Table of Contents

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1. System Overview and Setup
Unpacking and Inspecting the System
Physical Specifications
Power Consumption
Choosing a Site
Chassis Front Controls and Indicators
Rear Panel I/O Ports and Features
Peripheral Bay
Hard Drive Bay
Power Supply
System Cooling
Starting the System
Power-on Problems
Chassis Features Summary

2. Board Set Description
Processor Overview
Memory Overview
SCSI Controller
IDE Controller

3. BIOS Overview
BIOS Features
Configuration Manager
EFI Boot Manager
EFI Shell Command Mode
EFI Boot Maintenance Manager
BIOS Flash Memory Organization
BIOS Upgrades

4. Error and Informational Messages
Beep Codes
BIOS Messages

5. Solving Problems
Resetting the System
Initial System Startup
Specific Problems and Corrective Actions

A. Configuration Manager Settings

B. Regulatory Specifications
Regulatory Compliance
Product Specifications
Electromagnetic Compatibility Notices