Silicon Graphics 320 Visual Workstation Owner's Guide

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Where to Find Additional Information
Customer Support

1. Getting Started
Checking Your Shipment
Setting Up the System
Opening and Closing the Sliding Front Panel
Turning On the System
Shutting Down the System
Resetting the System

2. Opening the System
Removing the Covers
Identifying the Internal Parts
Replacing the Covers
Locking the System

3. Memory
About Memory
Installing DIMMs
Removing DIMMs

4. Internal Drives
Configuration and Cabling for Internal Ultra33 EIDE Drives
Installing a Removable Media Drive
Removing a Removable Media Drive
Installing an Internal Hard Drive
Removing an Internal Hard Drive
Attaching the SCSI PCI Option Card Internal Cable
Disconnecting the SCSI PCI Option Card Internal Cable

5. Option Cards
About PCI Cards
Installing the Display Option Card
Removing the Display Option Card

6. Processors
Installing a Processor
Removing a Processor
Finding the Stepping Value of a Processor

7. Power Supply and Fan
Removing the Power Supply
Installing the Power Supply
Removing the Fan
Installing the Fan

8. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Interpreting LED Blink Codes
Maintenance Tips
Disabling and Enabling the Password

A. Technical Specifications
Physical Specifications
System Board Specifications

B. Port Information
Ethernet RJ45 Port Pinouts
IEEE 1394 Port Pinouts
USB Port Pinouts
Parallel Port Pinouts
Serial Port Pinouts
Monitor Port Pinouts
Microphone and Headphone/Speaker Port Pinouts
Analog Line Level Audio Port Pinouts
Composite Video Port Pinouts
Svideo Port Pinouts
PS/2 Mouse Port Pinouts on Keyboard
Display Option Card Port Pinouts

C. SCSI Devices
Attaching External SCSI Devices
Verifying and Troubleshooting SCSI Device Installation

D. Regulatory Information
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
FCC Class B Conformance
Industry Canada Notice (Canada Only)
CE Notice
VCCI Notice (Japan Only)
Korean Regulatory Notice
NOM 024 Information (Mexico Only)
EN 55022 Compliance (Czech Republic)
Polish Notice (Poland Only)