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Table 3-1. DIMMs and Bank Pairs
Table 3-2. LED Status and Power Supply Condition
Table 4-1. Troubleshooting Chart
Table 4-2. L1 Controller Messages
Table A-1. Physical and Environmental Specifications
Table A-2. Power Supply Specification
Table A-3. Workstation Connectors
Table A-4. Ethernet Connector Pin Assignments
Table A-5. Keyboard and Mouse Port Pinout
Table A-6. Serial Port Pinout
Table A-7. SCSI VHDCI Pin Assignments
Table A-8. Stereo Jack Connector Conductor Assignments
Table A-9. USB Type A Connector Pin Assignments
Table A-10. Supported VPro Graphics Board Scan Rates
Table A-11. DVI-I Video Port Pinout
Table A-12. Stereo View Pinout Assignments
Table A-13. Genlock Pinout Assignments
Table A-14. Swap Ready Pinout Assignments
Table A-15. Short Rack Specifications
Table A-16. Tall-rack Specifications
Table B-1. Space Requirements
Table B-2. Rackmounting Hardware
Table D-1. Dual User Task Specific Information