Silicon Graphics® Tezro™ Visual Workstation Hardware User's Guide: Rackmount Configuration

Document Number: 007-4643-003

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Table of Contents

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1. Installation and Operation Procedures
Setting Up the Workstation
Using the Workstation

2. System Overview
System Features
System Components
Optional Components , Peripherals, and Upgrades

3. Installing and Removing System Components
Safety Instructions
Accessing Internal System Components
PCI and PCI–X Cards
Disk Drives
L1 Controller Display
Power Supplies

4. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Chart
L1 Controller Error Messages
SGI Electronic Support

A. Technical Specifications and Pinouts
Physical and Environmental Specifications
Power Supply Specifications
I/O Connector Specifications
VPro™ Graphics Board I/O Port Specifications
Rack Specifications

B. Rackmounting Rail Installation Instructions
Space Requirements
Rackmounting Hardware
Preparing the Slide Rail Assemblies
Preparing the Module
Removing a Module from a Rack

C. Safety and Regulatory Information
General Safety Information
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
System Numbers
Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity
CE Notice
Electromagnetic Emissions Notices
Shielded Cables
Electrostatic Discharge
Lithium Battery Statement
Laser Compliance Statements

D. Dual-User Option Information
PowerDuo Option Requirements
General Setup Information
Connecting a Monitor to the Workstation Expansion Enclosure
Keyboard and Mouse Connection
Enabling PowerDuo Software
Returning the System to Single-User Use
Configuring the USB Keyboard and Mouse
Mounting the Second Drive
Adding Swap Space
Adding Users
Selecting the Head on Which a Program Runs
Operating Tips for Dual User Systems