POWER CHALLENGE and CHALLENGE® XL Rackmount Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-1735-050

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Table of Contents

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1. The POWER Challenge and Challenge XL
Operational Overview
Operating Considerations

2. Touring the Chassis
Power Switches and Indicators
I/O Panels and Connectors
System Controller
SCSIBox 2 Drive Enclosures
Cooling System
Power Supplies and Power Distribution

3. Getting Started
Connecting Your Terminal
SCSI Requirements and Configurations
Terminating SCSI Channels
Installing and Removing FLDs
Connecting Your System to an Ethernet
Powering On the System
Booting the System
Installing the Operating System
Powering Off the System
Resetting Your System

4. Installing and Using Optional Peripherals
Configuring and Installing Additional FLDs
Installing External SCSI Devices
Using an Optional CD-ROM FLD to Load IRIX
Connecting a Serial Printer or an Additional ASCII Terminal
Connecting a Parallel Printer
Connecting a Modem
Activating Serial Ports on Additional IO4 Boards
Activating Parallel Ports

5. Having Trouble?
Maintaining Your Hardware and Software
System Behavior
Physical Inspection Checklist
Using the System Controller
Recovering from a System Crash

6. Safety and Comfort
Human Factors Guidelines for Setting Up Your System
Tips for Setting Up and Using Your System
Electrostatic Discharge

A. Hardware Specifications

B. Drive Maintenance
Cleaning the 4 mm DAT and 8 mm Tape Drives
Archive Python 4320 NT (4 mm DAT Drive)
Exabyte 8 mm Tape Drive
CD-ROM Care and Maintenance
150MB Tape Drive Preventive Maintenance

C. System Controller Error Messages

D. Challenge IO4 PROM, Mezzanine, and Troubleshooting
Hardware Configuration Commands
Environment Variables
Known Bug
Mezzanine Board Configurations
IO4 Troubleshooting

E. VMEbus Implementation
VMEbus Architecture and Interface
Hardware Considerations
Accessing Multiple VMEbuses
VMEbus Board Design Considerations