SGI Onyx® 3000 Series Graphics System Hardware Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-4264-002

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Product Features
Additional Information
Conventions and Terminology

1. Introducing the SGI Onyx 3000 Series Graphics Systems
Product Description
How the Hardware Components Work Together
SGI Onyx 3000 Series Models
System Location and Environment Overview

2. G–brick, V–brick, and N–brick
G–brick Components
V–brick Components
N–brick Components

3. Configurations and Cabling
Cabling Information Overview
Cabling Cautions and Warning
Examples of Configurations and Cabling
Monitor Cabling Options
Keyboard and Mouse Port Configuration
Connecting Your System to an Ethernet
Speaker Pair Connections

4. Using the SGI Onyx 3000 Series Graphics System
System Maintenance and Safety Information
Using Your Monitor
Keyboard and Mouse Connections
Powering On the System
Powering Off the System

5. Customer-replaceable Units
Identification of CRUs
General Safety Information
Before Replacement of Components
Removal or Replacement of Components

6. Graphics System Controllers
L1 Controller
L2 Controller

A. Technical Specifications
System-Level Specifications
Brick-Level Specifications
Power Specifications

B. Regulatory Specifications
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
System Numbers
Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity
CE Notice
Electromagnetic Emissions
Industry Canada Notice (Canada Only)
VCCI Notice (Japan Only)
Chinese Class A Regulatory Notice
Korean Class A Regulatory Notice
Shielded Cables
Electrostatic Discharge
Lithium Battery Statement
Safety Instructions