Silicon Graphics UltimateVision™ Graphics Porting Guide

Document Number: 007-4297-001

Front Matter

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1. Product Overview
System Configurations
Scalable System Architecture
Scalable Graphics Architecture
Commodity Graphics Features

2. Architectural Overview
Hardware Features
Other Features

3. GPU Programming
Vertex Programs
Fragment Programs

4. Multipipe Programming
Scaling Dimensions
Scaling Techniques
Scaling Tools

5. Platform-Specific Porting Information
 InfiniteReality Programming Features Versus UltimateVision Features
Moving from Xsgi to XFree86

6. Performance Tips
Retained Data Model
Display List Optimizer
Vertex Array Objects (VAOs)
Element Arrays
Vertex Caches
Strip Consolidation
Texture Lookup Tables (TLUTs)
Fragment Program Tips
Hyper-Z Depth Test
Pixel Formats

A. Performance Benchmarks
glDrawPixels() and glReadPixels() Rates
Texture Download Rates