SGI® Onyx® 350 Visualization System User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4632-001

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Table of Contents

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1. System Overview
System Features
System Functional Architecture
Standard System Components
Power Components
Optional System Components

2. Installation and Operation
Connecting Monitors
Connecting Keyboard and Mouse
Connecting Optional Speakers
Powering the System On and Off
Monitoring the System

3. Compute Module
System Features
External Components
Internal Components and Features
System Configuration
Bandwidth Specifications

4. InfinitePerformance Graphics and Compute Module
Product Overview
External Components
Dual Channel Display (DCD) Option

5. InfiniteReality Graphics Module
Front Components
Rear Components
InfiniteReality Board Set
L1 Controller
Power Supply

6. Memory and PCI Expansion Module
Product Overview
External Components
Product Options and Upgrades
Important Notes

7. Installing and Removing Customer-replaceable Units
Safety Instructions
Removing a Module and Accessing Internal Components
Installing and Removing PCI and PCI–X Cards
Installing and Removing Disk Drives
Installing and Removing DIMMs
Replacing an L1 Controller Display
Replacing Power Supplies

8. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Chart
L1 Controller Error Messages
SGI Electronic Support

A. Technical Specifications and Pinouts
Environmental System Specifications
Compute/Graphics Module Specifications
MPX Module Specifications
PCI Expansion Module Specifications
NUMAlink Module Specifications
Rack Specifications
TP900 Storage Module Specifications
Power Bay Module Specifications
USB Hub Specifications
Non-proprietary I/O Port Specifications

B. Safety Information and Regulatory Specifications
General Safety Information
Regulatory Specifications