Welcome to OCTANE Hardware Central!

OCTANE Hardware Central is collection of hardware information about your OCTANE workstation. Use it as a quick reference. Use your owner's guide for detailed instructions for completing tasks.

The column on the left is a table of contents - click on the topic you want, or click on the high lighted links below.

Movies provide a quick overview of hardware installation procedures.

Hardware Overview provides an overview of the workstation's features with links to port pinouts.

Technical Specs provides port pinouts, technical specifications, and other technical information.

User Tips provides information about how to find your serial number, the size and type of DIMMs to insert, and so on.

Maintenance Tips tells you how to take care of your workstation.

Human Factors provides guidelines for setting up your workstation to increase your safety and comfort.

Take Ten shows you a few stretching exercises for your wrists, arms, neck and shoulders.

See the OCTANE Workstation Owner's Guide for detailed information about your OCTANE workstation. It is found hardcopy with your OCTANE shipment.

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