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Welcome to the Silicon Graphics OCTANE2 workstation with VPro graphics!

The Octane2 workstation provides you with dramatically fast state-of-the art graphics capabilities and massive computer power in a desktop system. With a crossbar-based symmetric multiprocessing architecture, the Octane2 workstation allows you to visualize and manipulate three-dimensional images, simulate large data sets, interact with three-dimensional models, and perform many other advanced functions. The Octane2 workstation's large memory capacity (up to 8 GB), high sustainable memory bandwidth, multiprocessor capability, and high-speed networking provide you with the optimal computing environment.

This guide shows you how to install, diagnose and repair your system. You'll learn to:

This guide also provides:

This guide is provided for all Octane2 users and SGI technical support staff. Most of the hardware tasks are relatively simple and require no previous computer knowledge. A few tasks are lengthy; they are easier to perform if you have some computer hardware experience.

Software and System Administration Information

For complete information on installing software, see the online Personal System Administration Guide. It is located on your desktop in Toolchest > Help > Online Books. For more advanced information, see the online IRIX Admin: Software Installation & Licensing Guide. For system administration information, see the SGI_Admin section of the online bookshelf.

It's always a good idea to back up your system. For instructions on backing up your system, see the online Personal System Administration Guide.

Product Support

The Octane2 workstation is designed for user maintenance and repair without the help of a trained technician. For product support information, contact your SGI subsidiary or authorized distributor.

SGI provides a comprehensive range of product support for its products. If you are in North America, contact the Technical Assistance Center at 1.800.800.4SGI or your authorized service provider. If you are outside North America, contact the SGI subsidiary or authorized distributor in your country.

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