Silicon Graphics® Octane2 Dual Head Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-4493-001

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1. Installing Dual Head Graphics In An Octane2
About the Dual Head Configuration
Preparing the Workstation to Install the Dual Head XIO Module
Removing the Existing XIO Tri-Module
Installing the Dual Head XIO Module
Returning Parts

2. Connecting the Monitors
Unpacking the Secondary Monitor
Connecting Cables to the Monitors in a Side-by-Side Configuration
Connecting Cables to the Monitors in a Stacked Configuration
Connecting the Power Cables

3. Installing the Software and Using the Dual Head System
Installing the Software
Moving the Cursor from One Monitor to the Other
Selecting the Head on Which a Program Runs
Reconfiguring the Software for Use with Stacked Monitors

4. Troubleshooting
General Troubleshooting Procedures
Both Screens are Blank
One Screen is Blank or has Faulty Images
Diagnostic Tests

5. Removing Dual Head Graphics From An Octane2
Preparing to Remove the Dual Head XIO Module
Removing the Dual Head XIO Module
Installing the XIO Tri-Module

A. Checking for VPro Dual Head Readiness
Determining the IRIX Version
Determining the Number of CPUs
Verifying Your System's Frontplane Revision Level
Verifying Your System's Power Supply Revision Level

B. Care and Cleaning of Compression Connectors
Guidelines for Storing and Handling Compression Connectors
Guidelines for Cleaning Compression Connectors

C. Choosing a Graphics Head (for Developers)
Using Multiple Graphics Heads Under OpenGL, X, or Mixed-Model IRIS GL
Using Multiple Heads Under IRIS GL
Specifying Screen Adjacency