OCTANE XIO Standalone Option Board Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-3518-001

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Additional Hardware Information
Software and System Administration Information
Product Support

2. Installing a Standalone XIO Board
Preparing the Workstation to Install or Remove XIO Boards
Powering On the OCTANE Workstation
Placing a Regulatory Label
Returning Parts

3. Removing a Standalone XIO Board
About the XIO Module and XIO Boards
Removing an XIO Option Board From the XIO Module

A. Identifying Graphics Boards
OCTANE/SI Graphics Board
OCTANE/SI With Texture Memory Option Board
OCTANE/SSI Graphics Board
OCTANE/MXI Graphics Board

B. Care and Cleaning of the Compression Connector
Guidelines for Storing and Handling the Compression Connector
Guidelines for Cleaning the Compression Connector