Origin200 FailSafe Network Server  Quick Reference Guide

Document Number: 007-3647-001

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Table of Contents

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1. Introduction and Setup
Removing the System From the Carton
Site Placement Considerations
Connecting an ASCII Terminal
Powering the System On and Off

2. Configuring OFNS With the Express Setup Manager
Starting the FailSafe Express Setup Manager
Express Setup Manager Screen (#1)
Hardware Configuration Test Screen (#2)
Network Configurator for OFNS Screen (#3)
FailSafe Express Configurator Selection Screen (#4)
Configuration Confirmation Screen (#5)
Running the Express Configurator Without the -setup Option
Troubleshooting Tips and Error Messages

3. Installing or Replacing Disks or PCI Boards
Installing or Replacing a Disk Drive
Removing an Enclosure From the OFNS Rack
Replacing a PCI Board in an Origin200 Host

4. Cabling and Configuration
System Cables
Power Cables and Connectors
Private Ethernet Network

A. Technical Specifications
Rack and Enclosure Specifications
Site Requirements for the Rack and Enclosures