OCTANE Personal Video Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-3545-002

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Additional Hardware Information
Software and System Administration Information
Product Support
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1. Installing the OCTANE Personal Video Board
About the OCTANE Personal Video Board
Installing a New Version of the IRIX Operating System
Installing the Software
OCTANE Personal Video Board Package Components
Preparing the Workstation
Attaching the Wrist Strap
Removing the XIO Module
About the XIO Module
Attaching the OCTANE Personal Video Board to the XIO Module
Installing the Cable Guard
Replacing the XIO Module
Attaching the O2Cam Digital Camera
Powering On the OCTANE Workstation
Verifying the Hardware Installation
Placing a Regulatory Label

2. Using the Digital Media Software
Setting Up for a Video Source
Equipment You May Need
Synchronizing to House Sync
Using Video Commands From a UNIX Shell
Recording Video Input to the Hard Disk
Using the O2Cam Video Camera

3. Removing the OCTANE Personal Video Board
Removing the Cable Guard and Flex Cables
Detaching the OCTANE Personal Video Board From the XIO Module
Placing an Option Board or Blank Panel in Slot B
Product Support
Returning Parts

4. Troubleshooting
Accessing hinv
Checking Connections and Installation
Product Support

A. Framelocking

B. Identifying the Personal Video Board and Graphics Boards
OCTANE Personal Video Option Board
OCTANE/SI Graphics Board
OCTANE/SI With Texture Memory Option Board
OCTANE/SSI Graphics Board
OCTANE/MXI Graphics Board

C. Care and Cleaning of the XIO Compression Connector
Guidelines for Storing and Handling the Compression Connector
Guidelines for Cleaning the Compression Connector

D. O2Cam Technical Specifications