OCTANE Duo Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-3652-002

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Table of Contents

Additional Hardware Information
Dual Head System
Software and System Administration Information
Product Support

1. Getting Started
Checking Your Shipment
Installing the Software
Preparing the Workstation
Placement of a Regulatory Label
Removing the Lockbar and Cables
Attaching the Wrist Strap

2. Installing and Removing an Option Drive
Collecting the Drive Materials
About Internal Drives
Removing the Bezel
Sliding In an Internal Option Drive
Removing the Blank Panel
Removing Internal Option Drives
Replacing a Blank Panel
Replacing the Bezel

3. Installing and Removing Memory
Collecting the Materials for the Memory Installation
Removing the System Module
About Memory
Installing Memory
Removing Memory
Replacing the System Module

4. Installing PCI Boards and the PCI Module
About the PCI Bus, Module, and Boards
Collecting the PCI Installation Materials
Inserting a PCI Board in a PCI Module
Identifying PCI Slots
Installing the PCI Module

5. Removing PCI Boards and the PCI Module
Identifying the PCI Module and PCI Slots
Powering Off the OCTANE Workstation
Attaching the Wrist Strap
Removing the PCI Module
Removing a PCI Board
Installing a Blank Panel
Installing the PCI Module
Powering on the Workstation

6. Installing and Removing an OCTANE/SI or /SE Graphics Board
About the Duo Configuration
Collecting the Graphics Board Installation Materials
Removing the XIO Module
About the XIO Module and Graphics Boards
Removing the Blank Panel
Attaching the Secondary OCTANE/SI or /SE Graphics Board to the XIO Module
Removing the Secondary OCTANE/SI or /SE Graphics Board
Anticipating a Problem Area
Replacing the XIO Module

7. Connecting the Secondary Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
Collecting the Secondary Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse Materials
Connecting Cables to the Monitors
Connecting the System Module and PCI Cables
Connecting the Power Cables
Powering on the OCTANE Workstation

8. Configuring the System and Verifying the Installation
About the Option Drive
Verifying an Internal Drive Installation
Mounting the Second Drive
Adding Swap Space
Adding Users
Configuring Input Devices
Verifying the Memory Installation
Verifying the PCI and Graphics Board Installations
Selecting the Head on Which a Program Runs
Changing to a Dual Head System

9. Using the Duo System

10. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Tips
Information Specific to the XIO Graphics Boards

A. Identifying Graphics Boards and the Ports and Modules on the Back of the Workstation
OCTANE/SI or SE Graphics Board
OCTANE/SI or SE With Texture Memory Option Board
OCTANE/SSI or SSE Graphics Board
OCTANE/MXI or MXE Graphics Board
Back of Workstation

B. Care and Cleaning of the Compression Connectors
Guidelines for Storing and Handling the Compression Connector
Guidelines for Cleaning the Compression Connector

C. Programming Tips
Using Multiple Graphics Heads Under OpenGL, X, or Mixed-Model GL
Using Multiple Heads Under IRIS GL
Specifying Screen Adjacency

D. Cabling and Configuration Information for PCI Networking Boards
About the ioconfig.conf File
Removing the ioconfig.conf File
Mapping the Logical Controller Numbers to the Physical Port Locations
After Installing the Board and Cables