OCTANE™ Dual Head  Installation Guide with Developer Notes

Document Number: 007-3531-002

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Table of Contents

Additional Hardware Information
Hardware Configurations
Technical Publications Library
Product Support

1. Installing an OCTANE/SI Graphics Board
About the Dual Head Configuration
Preparing the Workstation to Install the OCTANE/SI Board
Removing the XIO Module
About the XIO Module and Dual Head Graphics
Removing the Blank Panel
Attaching the Secondary Head to the XIO Module
Replacing the XIO Module
Placement of a Regulatory Label

2. Removing the OCTANE/SI Graphics Board
Preparing to Remove the OCTANE/SI Graphics Board
Detaching the OCTANE/SI Graphics Board From the XIO Module
Placing a Graphics Board, Blank Panel or Option Board in the Open Slot

3. Connecting the Monitors
Unpacking the Secondary Monitor
Connecting Cables to the Monitors in a Side-by-Side Configuration
Connecting the Cables to the Monitors in a Stacked Configuration
Connecting the Power Cables
Returning Parts

4. Installing the Software and Using the  Dual Head System
Installing the Software
Moving the Cursor From One Monitor to the Other
Selecting the Head on Which a Program Runs
Reconfiguring the Software for Stacked Monitors

5. Troubleshooting
Primary Head Default
Blank Screen or Screen With Faulty Images
Using the gfxinfo Command
Performing the Diagnostic Test

A. Choosing a Graphics Head (for Developers)
Using Multiple Graphics Heads Under OpenGL, X, or Mixed-Model GL
Using Multiple Heads Under IRIS GL
Specifying Screen Adjacency

B. Care and Cleaning of the Compression Connectors
Guidelines for Storing and Handling the Compression Connector
Guidelines for Cleaning the Compression Connector

C. Identifying Graphics Boards and the Ports and Modules on the Back of the Workstation
OCTANE/SI Graphics Board
OCTANE/SI With Texture Memory Option Board
OCTANE/SSI Graphics Board
OCTANE/MXI Graphics Board
Back of Workstation