O2 Workstation Hardware Reference Guide

Document Number: 007-3275-002

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Table of Contents


1. Getting Started
Overview and Getting Started
Checking Your Shipment
Setting Up the O2 Workstation
Out of Box Experience
Other Sources of Information
Turning the Workstation On or Off
Setting Up the O2Cam Digital Video Camera
Securing the O2 Workstation
Locating Your Workstation's Serial Number

2. Installing or Removing Memory and Option Boards
Removing the System Module
Installing Memory Modules
Installing a PCI Board: R5000 Workstation
Installing a PCI Board: R10000 Workstation
Installing a Digital Display Adapter Board
Reinstalling the System Module
Verifying the Hardware Installation

3. Installing or Removing Peripherals: Internal and External Devices
Installing a Second Internal Hard Drive: R5000 Workstation
Connecting External SCSI Devices
Connecting Parallel Devices (Floppy Drive and Printer)
Connecting Serial Devices
Connecting Audio and Video Devices

4. Troubleshooting
Diagnosing the Problem
Running Diagnostic Tests
Recovering from System Crash
Disabling the System Maintenance Password
Service and Support Information

5. Ordering, Removing, and Installing Replacement Parts
Ordering a Replacement Part
Replacing the System Module
Replacing the R5000 CPU Module
Replacing the R10000 CPU Module
Replacing the System Drive
Replacing the Audio-Visual Module
Replacing the Power Supply
Replacing the CD-ROM Drive
Replacing the Chassis
Replacing the PCB on the PCI Tray

6. Safety and Regulatory Information
Human Factors Guidelines for Setting Up Your O2 Workstation
Regulatory Information

A. Technical Specifications
Cable Pinout Assignments
Serial Cables and Converters
O2 Camera Technical Specifications
Physical Environment Specifications