O2: Silicon Graphics® 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor Adapter Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-3921-001

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Table of Contents

About the Silicon Graphics 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor Adapter Board
System Requirements
1600SW Flat Panel Monitor Information
O2 Hardware Information
Technical Publications Library

1. Installing the 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor Adapter Board
Verifying the Software
Using the Flat Panel Monitor with a CRT Monitor
Installing the Flat Panel Monitor Adapter Board
Connecting the Flat Panel Monitor to the O2 Workstation
Removing the Flat Panel Adapter

2. Adjusting Timing Tables and Calibrating Color
Adjusting the Flat Panel Monitor's Refresh Rate
Using the 1600SW Flat Panel Settings Control Panel
Creating and Saving Presets
Using Screen Savers

3. Troubleshooting, Technical Specifications, and Regulatory Information
Running Confidence Tests
Product Support
Returning Parts
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations