Origin200 GIGAchannel XIO Connector Important Note

To use an Origin200 GIGAchannel server, you must connect the GIGAchannel expansion cabinet properly, or you must configure the Origin200 GIGAchannel in loopback mode. In loopback mode, one of the XIO cables is attached in a loop between the XIO A and XIO B connectors on the back of the server. (See Figure 1.)
If you do not use the correct cabling, the Origin200 GIGAchannel server will not run!

Figure 1. Correct and Incorrect XIO Connector Cabling for Origin200 GIGAchannel

Note: This applies only to servers (with XIO A and B connectors). If your server does not have XIO A and XIO B connectors, as shown in Figure 1, disregard these instructions.