SGI® Total Performance 900 Storage System User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4428-004

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Table of Contents

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1. Storage System Features
Enclosure Chassis
Front Panel LEDs
Plug-in Modules
Storage System Bay Numbering Convention

2. Setup and Operation
Unpacking and Inspecting the Storage System
Connecting the Power Cord
Attaching Interface Cables
SCSI_ID Addressing
Powering On the Enclosure
Powering Off the Enclosure
Engaging the Anti-tamper Locks

3. Replacing Modules
Pre-installation Safety Precautions
Dealing with Hardware Faults
Continuous Operation during Replacement
Replacing Power Supply Modules
Replacing Cooling Modules
Replacing I/O Modules
Replacing Drive Carrier Modules
Component Part Numbers

4. Troubleshooting
Initial Startup Problems
System Faults
Power Supply Faults
Cooling Module Faults

A. Technical Specifications
Physical and Environmental Specifications
Power Requirements

B. Regulatory Information
Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity
FCC Class B Conformance
Industry Canada Notice (Canada Only)
CE Notice
VCCI Notice (Japan Only)
Korean Regulatory Notice
Shielded Cables
Electrostatic Discharge
Electromagnetic Emissions