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Table 5-1. Cable Connector Pinout Assignments for Printer/Dumb Terminal Serial Cable
Table 5-2. Cable Connector Pin Assignments for a Modem Cable
Table 5-3. Cable Connector Pinout Assignments for the Silicon Graphics Adapter Cable
Table 5-4. Cable Connector Pinout Assignments for the PC Adapter Cable
Table 7-1. Troubleshooting Symptoms and Probable Causes
Table 9-1. ANSI/HFS 100-1988 Guidelines for VDT Workplace Adjustment
Table 9-2. Workstation Adjustments Preferred by CAD Users
Table A-1. 4D Compatible Pin Assignments (RS-232)
Table A-2. Macintosh SE Compatible Pin Assignments (RS-422)
Table A-3. Parallel Port (25-pin DSUB Connector)
Table A-4. Ethernet 10-BASE T Port
Table A-5. Ethernet AUI Port (Thicknet)
Table A-6. Keyboard Port (6-pin MINIDIN)
Table A-7. Mouse Port (6-pin MINIDIN)
Table A-8. SCSI Port
Table A-9. Audio Ports
Table B-1. Keyboard Layout Language Choices