Chapter 1. Introduction

Welcome to the Indigo2™ workstation. The Indigo2 Workstation Owner's Guide is your complete guide to installing, diagnosing, and repairing your Indigo2 workstation. Specifically, it tells you how to:

Refer to this guide to set up the system, install hardware options, or find a solution when you suspect there is a hardware problem. Basic information on installing software is also included. For more advanced information on installing software, refer to the Software Installation Administrator's Guide.

The system and all the procedures in this guide are designed so that you may maintain and repair the system without the help of a trained technician. However, do not feel that you must work with the hardware yourself. You can always contact your service provider to have an authorized service provider work with the hardware instead.

Finding the Information You Need

The Indigo2 workstation ships with the following sources of information, as shown in Figure 1-1.

  • Indigo2 Workstation Owner's Guide and pictorial setup poster

  • Software Installation Administrator's Guide

  • IRIX Release Notes (on the CD)

  • IRIS InSight online documentation and help

    Figure 1-1. Sources of Information for the Indigo2 Workstation

The following sections contain information on options that can help you get your workstation up and running and help you become productive as soon as possible.

Indigo2 Workstation Owner's Guide

Refer to this manual (shown in Figure 1-2) to set up the system and install hardware options, or find solutions when you suspect there is a hardware problem. In addition, it contains basic information on installing and removing optional software.

Figure 1-2. Workstation Owner's Guide

Software Installation Administrator's Guide

The Software Installation Administrator's Guide is the complete reference guide on using the installation program, inst, to install software. For information on using the Software Manager to install software, refer to the online Personal System Administration Guide.

Figure 1-3. Software Installation Guide

IRIS InSight Online Documentation and Help

The online documentation package is called IRIS InSight. The InSight icon is shown in Figure 1-4. To view the manuals, go to the Help toolchest and choose “Online Books.” You see bookshelves for end-user, developer, and administration manuals that ship online with the system. Double-click on a book to open it.

Figure 1-4. IRIS InSight Icon

For a description of the manuals and a listing of manuals that are available to purchase in hard copy, double-click on the Documentation Catalog.


The documentation uses these conventions:

  • References to other documents are in italics.

  • References to other chapters and sections within this guide are in quotation marks.

  • Names of buttons are in italics.

  • Names of menu choices are in quotation marks.

  • Numbered sentences are steps that you follow to complete a task. Below a step, sentences preceded by a box describe in detail how to do the step. For example:

  1. Remove the front cover.

    • Face the front of the Indigo2 chassis.

    • Snap the cover away from the top edge of the chassis and tip it down.

Where to Go from Here

To set up the Indigo2 workstation, go to Chapter 2, “Getting Started.” This chapter tells you how to choose a site, put all the pieces together, turn the system on, and set up your login account and network connection software.

To install extra SIMMs, go to Chapter 3, “Installing and Removing Memory.”

To install EISA boards, go to Chapter 4, “Installing and Removing EISA Boards.”

To install peripherals, go to Chapter 5, “Installing Peripherals.” This chapter tells you how to install internal and external drives, serial devices, and audio peripherals. You'll also learn which modems, printers, and other cables you can use with your IRIS Indigo2 workstation.

To install Silicon Graphics software, go to Chapter 6, “Installing Software.”

If you have a problem while powering on or using your Indigo2 workstation, go to Chapter 7, “Troubleshooting.”

To order and replace parts, see Chapter 8, “Ordering, Removing, and Installing Replacement Parts.”

For information on maintenance and some tips on making your work environment comfortable, see Chapter 9, “Safety, Maintenance, and Regulatory Information.”

In addition to this manual, the Indigo2 workstation ships with an online documentation package called IRIS Insight. To open IRIS InSight, choose “Online Books” from the Help toolchest.