Indigo2 IMPACT™ Workstation Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-2849-004

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Finding the Information You Need
Where to Go From Here

2. Getting Started
Selecting a Site
Checking Your Shipment
Learning About the CD Software Media
Putting the Pieces Together
Turning On the Indigo2 IMPACT Workstation
Logging In to the Workstation
Using the Indigo Magic User Environment
Shutting Down and Powering Off Your Indigo2 IMPACT System
Locking Your Indigo2 IMPACT Workstation

3. Installing and Removing Memory
Installing Memory
Removing Memory

4. Installing and Removing Standalone Option Boards
Installing the Texture Memory Option Board
Installing EISA and GIO Option Boards
Installing Option Boards and the Solid IMPACT Graphics Board Set
Installing Option Boards and the High IMPACT Graphics Board Set
Installing Option Boards and the Maximum IMPACT Graphics Board Set
Removing EISA and GIO Option Boards

5. Identifying, Installing, and Removing Graphics Boards and Attached Option Boards
Shutting Down the System
Removing and Replacing the Indigo2 IMPACT Graphics Boards
Upgrading From an Indigo2 IMPACT Ready System to an Indigo2 IMPACT System
Replacing the Cover

6. Installing and Removing Peripherals: Internal and External Devices
Installing an Internal Drive
Removing Internal Drives
Installing External SCSI Devices
Installing Serial Devices
Installing Audio Devices

7. Installing and Removing Software
Software Installation Tools
Installing a New Version of the Operating System Software

8. Troubleshooting
Diagnosing Hardware Problems
Interactive Diagnostic Environment (IDE) Tests
Confidence Tests
Recovering From a System Crash
Disabling the System Maintenance Password
SCSI Device Is Turned Off
Service and Support Information

9. Ordering, Removing, and Installing Replacement Parts
Ordering Replacement Parts
Replacing the System
Replacing Internal Parts
Removing and Replacing External Parts

10. Maintenance, Safety, and Regulatory Information
Maintaining Your Hardware and Software
Physical Environment Specifications
Human Factors Guidelines for Setting Up Your Indigo2 IMPACT Workstation
Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Work Environment
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations
Limited User Warranty

A. Cable Pinout Assignments
Serial Ports
Parallel Port
Ethernet 10-BASE T
Ethernet AU

B. International Keyboard Support

C. Exterior and Interior of Workstation
Exterior View
Interior View