Indigo2 IMPACT Channel Option Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-3313-001

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Table of Contents

Product Support

1. Installing and Removing the Indigo2 ICO Board
Installing a New Version of the IRIX Operating System
Installing the Software
Checking the Indigo2 IMPACT Channel Option Board Package Components
Preparing to Install the Indigo2 ICO Board
Installing the Indigo2 ICO Board
Installing the Indigo2 ICO Board and the Indigo2 IMPACT Graphics Board Set
Removing the Indigo2 ICO Board

2. Connecting to the Breakout Box
Connecting the Breakout Box Cable
Connecting the Monitors or Head Mounted Display

3. Configuring the IMPACT Channel Option Board
The IMPACT Channel Option Board and the Graphics Subsystem
Using the setmon Command
ICO Display Viewports
Writing a Programmatic Interface for ICO

4. Troubleshooting
Accessing gfxinfo
Checking Connections and Installation
Product Support

A. Identifying Graphics and Option Boards
Impact Channel Option Board
IMPACT Graphics Boards

B. Regulatory Information
Manufacturer's Regulatory Declarations for the Indigo2 IMPACT Graphics Boards
Exterior of Workstation