HD I/O Board Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-3968-003

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1. Features and Capabilities
HD I/O Features
HD I/O Panel and Cable

2. Programming the HD I/O Board
VL Basics for the HD I/O Board
HD I/O Controls
Field Dominance
Automatically Correcting for Output Underflow
Capturing Graphics to Video
HD I/O Events

3. Synchronizing Data Streams and Signals
Using UST, MSC, and Buffered Media Streams for Synchronization
Media Library Interfaces for UST and MSC

A. HD I/O Board Specifications
Cable Connectors
GPI Interface

B. Setting Up the HD I/O Board for Your Video Hardware
Setting Up Digital Source Video  
Setting Up the Output (Drain)
Setting Up Sync
Saving Settings

C. Pixel Packings and Color Spaces
HD I/O Pixel Packings
Sampling Patterns

D. Programming Methods for Real-Time Digital Media Recording and Playback
Digital Media Buffers
Direct I/O
Asynchronous I/O

E. Installing HD I/O Software on a New Disk