Silicon Graphics Fuel Visual Workstation Hardware User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4480-001

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Software and System Administration Information
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1. Getting Started
Checking Your Shipment
Lifting the Workstation
Getting Acquainted
Setting Up the Workstation

2. Using the Workstation
Logging In to the Workstation
Using the IRIX Interactive Desktop
Powering Off the Workstation
Restarting from the Toolchest

3. System Components
System Enclosure
System Board
Memory DIMMs
Internal Hard Disk Drives
Removable Media Drives
Graphics Module
PCI Boards
Power Supply
Cooling System
Optional Components , Peripherals, and Upgrades

4. Servicing the System
Ordering Parts
Service Procedures and Precautions
Installing or Removing a Memory DIMM
Installing or Removing Internal Hard Disk Drives
Installing or Removing a Removable Media Drives
Installing or Removing a PCI Board
Installing or Removing External devices
Installing Locking Devices
Replacing Cooling System Components
Replacing Chassis Components

5. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

A. Technical Specifications
Physical Environment Specifications
Power Supply Specifications
I/O Port Specifications
Serial Cables and Adapter Specifications
VPro Graphics Board I/O Port Specifications

B. Safety and Regulatory Information
Regulatory Declarations
Safety Instructions
Human Factors Guidelines for Setting Up Your Workstation

C. Internal Cabling Diagrams
Internal Power Cabling
Internal SCSI Cabling