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With the Silicon Graphics Dual Channel Display (hereinafter referred to as “DCD”) you can expand your viewing area by displaying graphics and text output from one graphics card to two monitors. You can also use the Dual Channel Display to connect a single monitor.

This guide shows you how to install the Dual Channel Display in Silicon Graphics Octane2 workstations, and how to configure and troubleshoot the DCD board in both Silicon Graphics Octane2 and Silicon Graphics Fuel workstations.

Note: Installation of the Dual Channel Display in a Silicon Graphics Fuel workstation involves procedures that should only be performed by an SGI-trained technician. This guide therefore does not describe installation in a Silicon Graphics Fuel workstation, but does include operating and troubleshooting information for the DCD in a Silicon Graphics Fuel workstation.

The guide is organized as follows:

Chapter 1, “Installing the DCD in a Single Head Octane2”, shows you how to install the Octane2 Dual Channel Display in a Single Head Octane2.

Chapter 2, “Installing the DCD in a Dual Head Octane2”, shows you how to install the Octane2 Dual Channel Display in a Dual Head Octane2.

Chapter 3, “Connecting Monitors to the DCD”, shows you how to connect two monitors to the DCD once it is installed in an Octane2 or Silicon Graphics Fuel workstation.

Chapter 4, “Configuring the DCD”, explains how to configure the DCD.

Chapter 5, “Troubleshooting and Technical Specifications”, provides troubleshooting information and technical specifications.

Appendix A, “Care and Cleaning of Compression Connectors”, provides information useful to anyone who works with compression connectors.

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