SGI DMediaPro™ DM3 Board User's Guide

Document Number: 007-4647-001

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1. Features and Capabilities
Board Components
Input/Output (I/O)
Supported Video Formats
Other Features
Theory of Operation

2. Connecting the DMediaPro DM3 Board to VBOB
Getting Started
Connecting the DMediaPro DM3 Board to VBOB
Setting Up VBOB for High-definition/Standard-definition I/O
Precautions on SGI Onyx and Origin Systems

3. Setting Up Audio Synchronization
Synchronizing Audio
Setting Up Audio Panel

4. Programming the DMediaPro DM3 Board
Programming Basics for the DMediaPro DM3 Board
DMediaPro Controls 
DMediaPro Events
Synchronizing Data Streams and Signals
Restrictions and Important Notes