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Table 2-1. L1 Controller Functions
Table 2-2. Location Guidelines for Connecting USB/Ethernet Adapters
Table 4-1. Tall Rack Technical Specifications
Table 5-1. Configurable Items of CR-brick
Table 5-2. CR-brick Technical Specifications
Table 6-1. Physical Specifications of the IX-brick
Table 6-2. Port Specifications of the IX-brick
Table 7-1. Physical Specifications of PX–brick
Table 7-2. Port Specifications of the PX-brick
Table 8-1. R-brick Technical Specifications
Table 8-2. R-brick Port Specifications
Table 9-1. Power Supply LED States
Table 9-2. Power Bay Technical Specifications
Table 9-3. Power Supply Technical Specifications
Table 10-1. Status LEDs
Table 10-2. TP900 Storage Module Technical Specifications
Table 10-3. Configurable Items
Table 11-1. D-brick2 Weight Information
Table 11-2. D-brick2 Enclosure Power Specifications
Table 11-3. D-brick2 Ambient Temperature and Humidity Requirements
Table 11-4. Additional Environmental Requirements for D-brick2
Table 12-1. Customer-replaceable Components and Maintenance Procedures
Table 13-1. Troubleshooting Chart
Table 13-2. L1 Controller Messages
Table A-1. Altix 3700 Bx2 System Configuration Ranges
Table A-2. Altix 3700 Bx2 Physical Specifications
Table A-3. Environmental Specifications
Table A-4. Power Specifications
Table A-5. Ethernet Pinouts
Table A-6. Serial Port Pinout