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Figure 1-1. Power Switch “On” Setting
Figure 1-2. D–brick2 PSU/cooling Module Power Switch
Figure 1-3. TP900 Storage Module Power Switch
Figure 1-4. PDU and PDS Circuit Breaker Switches
Figure 1-5. L1 Controller Display Location Example
Figure 2-1. SGI Altix 3700 Bx2 Server System Control Network (Example)
Figure 2-2. Console Controller Network Diagram Example
Figure 2-3. L1 Front Panel
Figure 2-4. Ethernet Switch System Controller Block Diagram (Example)
Figure 3-1. SGI Altix 3700 Bx2 Series Systems
Figure 3-2. SGI Altix 3700 Bx2 Server System (Example Configuration)
Figure 3-3. Functional Block Diagram of CR-brick
Figure 3-4. Altix 3700 Bx2 System Components Example
Figure 4-1. Tall (40U) Rack
Figure 4-2. Locking the Front Door of the 40U Rack
Figure 5-1. Front and Side View of CR-brick
Figure 5-2. CR-brick Block Diagram
Figure 5-3. Front View of CR-brick
Figure 5-4. Rear View of CR-brick
Figure 6-1. Front View of the IX-brick
Figure 6-2. IX-brick Block Diagram
Figure 6-3. Front Panel of IX-brick
Figure 6-4. Rear Panel of IX-brick
Figure 6-5. Numbering of IX-brick PCI-X Slots
Figure 7-1. Front View of the PX–brick
Figure 7-2. Block Diagram of PX–brick
Figure 7-3. Front Panel and Display on the PX–brick
Figure 7-4. Rear Panel of the PX–brick
Figure 7-5. Numbering of PCI and PCI–X Card Slots
Figure 8-1. Front View of the R-Brick
Figure 8-2. R-brick Block Diagram
Figure 8-3. Rear View of R-brick
Figure 9-1. Front and Rear Views of Power Bay
Figure 9-2. Front View of Power Bay
Figure 9-3. Rear View of Power Bay
Figure 9-4. Front and Rear Views of the DPS
Figure 10-1. Front View of TP900 Storage Module
Figure 10-2. Drive Carrier LED Indicators
Figure 10-3. Rear View of TP900 Storage Module
Figure 10-4. SCSI Terminator Plug
Figure 11-1. D-brick2 Front and Rear Views
Figure 11-2. D-brick2 Drive Carrier Module and “Dummy” Module
Figure 11-3. Anti-Tamper Locking on the D-brick2 Disk Drive
Figure 11-4. D-brick2 Operators Panel and Power Supply/Cooling Modules
Figure 11-5. D-brick2 Loop Resiliency Circuit (LRC) Module
Figure 12-1. Removing a Card Carrier
Figure 12-2. Extracting the Carrier Metal Filler Plate
Figure 12-3. Adjusting the Carrier Guide Bar
Figure 12-4. Mounting Card in Carrier
Figure 12-5. Mounting Half-height PCI Card into Carrier
Figure 12-6. Moving Carrier Guide Bar to Secure Half-height PCI Card
Figure 12-7. Installing the Bracket to Secure a Half-height PCI Card
Figure 12-8. Installing a Card in a Slot
Figure 12-9. Seating the Card in the Slot
Figure 12-10. Location of SCSI Disk Drive Bays
Figure 12-11. Installing a Disk Drive
Figure 12-12. Removing a Disk Drive
Figure 12-13. Unlocking the Anti-Tamper Lock
Figure 12-14. Releasing the Carrier Handle
Figure 12-15. Carrier Camming Lever
Figure 12-16. Unlocking the Drive Carrier Module
Figure 12-17. Opening the Module Handle
Figure 12-18. Inserting the Disk Drive Module in a D-brick2
Figure 12-19. Locking the Drive Carrier Module
Figure 12-20. Unlocking the Disk Drive Module
Figure 12-21. Removing the Drive Carrier Module
Figure 13-1. Full Support Sequence
Figure A-1. Ethernet Port
Figure A-2. Serial Port
Figure B-1. VCCI Notice (Japan Only)
Figure B-2. Chinese Class A Regulatory Notice
Figure B-3. Korean Class A Regulatory Notice